Health Guarantee


Motley Kennel's Health Guarantee

Motley Kennel's strives to raise a healthy, happy, puppy for their new family.​​

1. When you receive your precious cargo he / she must be examined by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours after purchase.

2.  If your veterinarian finds cause for the return of your puppy for any  life threatening illness, where this puppy could not be a companion  puppy, I must be informed within 48 hours of purchase.

3. Our  veterinarian shall be allowed to examine the puppy again. We are not  responsible for any vet bills on your puppy. Provided that both your vet  and mine agree that there is a reasonable cause for return of your  puppy. When there is a puppy available of equal value we will replace  your puppy.​

​4. Purchaser shall have no right to demand refund of purchase price and agree to replacement puppy when available.​

​5.  If your puppy dies within 48 hour of purchase, you must have an autopsy  performed at a diagnostic laboratory ( your ​vet will help you  with this), at your expense, to determine cause of death. Again, your  puppy will be replaced with a puppy of equal value when available, only  if the death was caused by an illness which your puppy had prior to the  time of sale.

All 5 things in this contract have to be followed or contract is null and void.


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